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What Are The Different Skin Types?

July 19,2023

1.Normal skin 

Normal  skin  is neither too oily nor too dry. It has balanced sebum production and good blood circulation.

2. Oily skin 

Oily skin is characterized by a greasy appearance. This skin type is prone to acne breakouts. Oily skin is the result of excess sebum production.

3. Dry skin 

Dry skin is determined by flaky and rough texture. It can at times feel tight and cause irritation.

4. Combination skin 

Combination skin is a mix of oily skin and dry skin. Usually in combination skin types, the T-zone is oily and the cheeks are dry.

5. Sensitive skin 

If your skin flushes with spicy food and adversely reacts to new products, you may have sensitive skin.

How To Determine Your Skin Type?

1. The Blotting Sheet Method

Take a sheet of blotting paper and gently pat it on your face. Hold it against a bright light. If you see little to no oil, you likely have dry skin. If the sheet picks up some oil from the T-zone, you have a combination or normal skin. If it picks up oil from all parts of your face, you likely have oily skin.

2. The Bare-Faced Method

Cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser and pat dry gently. Leave it bare (without applying any product) for half an hour and then check your cheeks, nose, forehead for any shine. After another half an hour, notice whether your skin looks parched on any facial movement or smile. If your skin feels tight, you are likely to have dry skin while if it's shiny on the nose and forehead, you have combination skin. If your cheeks, nose and forehead appear shiny, you have oily skin.

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