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DR.SPICULE AntiPigmentation & Brightening System

October 07,2023

DR.SPICULE  AntiPigmentation &  Brightening System

Enriched with:


Accelerates the metabolism of  skin  cells, promotes circulation in the stratum corneum, has a certain antioxidant effect and maintains skin elasticity. Whitening and blemish removal, it can stop the transfer of melanin to the keratinocytes. Repairs the stratum corneum and strengthens the skin's own defences.


It inhibits melanin formation, avoids pigmentation and reduces the damage caused by

UV rays to the skin, and can achieve anti-inflammatory whitening and blemish lightening effects. It can also accelerate collagen synthesis, making the skin more hydrated and fuller. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, inhibiting the development of inflammation.


Inhibits melanin synthesis, reduces pigmentation and improves dull skin.


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