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DR. SPICULE Firming Revitalizing Essence

November 14,2023

Due to the small molecules of hydrolyzed collagen, it is easier to be absorbed by the  skin, so the absorbed hydrolyzed collagen is able to enter into the dermis of the skin, which can play a role in tightening the skin, and at the same time, for the tension of the skin, pore size and so on have elastic effect.

Hydrolyzed collagen has a very good moisturizing effect, can be to a large extent to lock the skin within the water is not lost, because it contains hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor and triple helix structure of hydrolyzed collagen, which is also able to maintain the red skin is one of the secrets.

The active hydrolyzed collagen is able to penetrate well into the deeper layers of the skin, and with its excellent affinity it helps the surrounding skin to produce hydrolyzed collagen, which promotes better skin growth and metabolic levels.

Because hydrolyzed collagen white than collagen is more easily absorbed by the skin, but also to fill the deep skin, from the inside of the skin up, and comes with a good moisturizing effect, to lighten the fine lines, stretching the role of coarse lines.

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