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Chronic skin dehydration without skin care

December 08,2023

As age, skin cell tissue function ages and declines, and collagen is lost. Not pay attention to sun protection, ultraviolet exposure will make theskinaccelerate aging.

In response to the above, DR. SPICULE has launched a professional kit for effective antiaging in multiple dimensions.

DR. SPICULE Spicule Firming Cream!

Carnosine is a natural endogenous active peptide with strong anti- glycation and metal chelation effects, which can prevent irreversible damage to the skin caused by pollutants, has a significant anti-yellowing effect, and improves dullness.

Ectoin is a cyclic amino acid from highly saline bacteria and an active ingredient that protects saline bacteria from damage even under extreme conditions. It has the ability to protect the skin, intensely hydrate and repair the barrier.


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