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December 13,2023

Human skin is divided into epidermis and basal layer, too much stratum corneum will weaken the absorption of ingredients

For example, the use of  skin  care products can not be absorbed by the skin, mostly in the surface layer, the role of the basal management is to open the surface layer of the skin absorption

- Skincare ingredients can be easily absorbed by the stratum corneum, and the basement management will revitalize the absorption capacity of the basal skin, revitalize collagen, and restart the skin's natural ability.

The absorption rate of ingredients is several times higher than that of ordinary beauty products, utilizing the skin's natural ability to revitalize collagen.

Peace of mind, effective and non-invasive, also known as "lunch break beauty treatment".

-Bio-microneedle opens the skin's millions of microscopic pores and tubes in 5 minutes and works on the basal layer.

Ingredient Benefits

- Improve pimples, acne marks, pigmentation and enlarged pores.

Establishing a large number of micro-channels in the skin, utilizing the micro-pores to absorb skincare products.

- Stimulates skin regeneration, improves skin lines, firms and reduces discoloration.


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