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Application of sponge spicule as skin physical penetration enhancer

August 31,2023

The invention discloses an application of a spongespicule as a skin physical penetration enhancer, and relates to a sponge spicule.

The  skin physical penetration enhancer  comprises a skin Med physical penetration enhancer and a skin care cosmetic physical penetration enhancer. The sponge spicule can be smeared onto cleaned skin directly. A phosphatic buffer is added in the sponge spicule to make the mass concentration of the sponge spicule to 10-100 mg/mL, so as to obtain a sponge spicule solution. The sponge spicule skin physical penetration enhancer composition comprises a sponge spicule MED preparation composition and a sponge spicule cosmetic preparation composition. The sponge spicule skin physical penetration enhancer composition can be directly smeared onto cleaned skin. The skin physical penetration enhancer can overcome a skin stratum corneum barrier, and promote percutaneous absorption of active components in a med, a vaccine and a cosmetic; the active components can enter each layer of the skin or enter the whole body for blood circulation absorbed by skin capillary vessel/lymphatic vessel; the skin physical penetration enhancer can be used for skin local administration or whole body administration, or can be used in skin care cosmetics to increase percutaneous absorption of Med and active components.


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