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4 Days to Christmas~

December 21,2023

After the age of 25, skin begins to show fine lines and accelerated aging. It's hard to keep one's defenses up.

How to prevent aging?

How to Maintain Young  Skin?

DR. SPICULE Spicule Firming Cream

Enriched with:Carnosine

Carnosine is a natural endogenous active peptide with strong anti-glycation and metal chelation effects, which can prevent irreversible damage to the skin caused by pollutants, has a significant anti-yellowing effect, and improves dullness.

Most anti-aging skin care products add carnosine. However, it cannot be fully absorbed by the skin, leading to unsatisfactory results.

biomicroneedling can help the active ingredients to be directly introduced to penetrate the base.


It prevents aging and firms the skin more quickly and effectively. Smooth dry lines, fine lines.


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