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Ways to promote absorption of ingredients

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Ways to promote absorption of ingredients:

Chemical methods:transdermal permeation enhancers, nanocarrier technologies (e.g. liposomes, microemulsions, polymer nanoparticles, micelles, quantum dots, Jen nanoparticles).

Difficulties:The mechanism is not significant for biomolecules, and many chemical enhancers and nanoparticle systems make the application and industrialization of chemical enhancement methods very limited due to their own internal metabolism and cytotoxicity.

Physical methods.

1. ion electroosmosis therapy, ultrasonic delivery method, electroporation method, etc. Although enhancement techniques are effective, they require high instrumentation, are not portable, and have high design and production costs.

2. Microneedle drug delivery, a new type of physical enhancement therapy, is a kind of treatment means emerging in recent years. The principle is to form micron-sized catheters on the skin, the depth of which can reach the epidermis and even the dermis, providing the most effective way for the absorption of drugs or cosmetic active ingredients, thus improving the effect of drug therapy and cosmetology. Theoretically, molecular size range, polarity and other characteristics will not interfere with the conduit of transdermal components formed by microneedle. When using microneedle on the skin, it will not damage the nerve tissue and capillaries, the human body will not produce pain sensation, and the gap formed can be restored by itself without producing skin damage.

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