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The skin's hydration mechanism

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The skin's hydration mechanism:

Depending on the structure of the skin, a complete moisturizing system contains components such as water absorbers, emollients, and sealers.

Water Absorbent: Maintains the skin's moisture content mainly by grabbing and transporting water, preventing loss. (Glycerin, polyols, hyaluronic acid)

Emollient: Natural moisturizing factor (NMF) in keratinocytes to supplement the lack of NMF in the intercellular matrix, which can repair the skin barrier, replenish intercellular lipids, and fundamentally enhance the skin's moisturizing power. (Alginate, Ceramide)

Sealer: Forms a film on the skin surface, strengthens the skin barrier, has a water-locking effect, and prevents the evaporation of water in the skin (Squalane, small molecule oil).

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