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The essential difference between a chemical peel and biomicroneedling treatment

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Principle of Acid Brushing/Chemical Peeling: The use of a chemical agent applied to the surface of the skin and left on for a period of time (about 20 minutes to half an hour) dissolves and peels off the aged stratum corneum by altering the acidity of the skin's surface. This process speeds up the skin's metabolism and promotes the shedding of old keratin, thus helping to treat certain skin problems. The concentration and type of acid and the amount of time it stays on the skin's surface can affect the depth and effectiveness of the peel. Acid brushing is a chemical agent that has some side effects on the skin. Sensitive skin reacts more sensitively to acid brushing because of its thinner stratum corneum and poorer ability to adapt to repair.

Chemical Peeling: The new epidermis is nurtured by strong exfoliation followed by the use of treatment products.

Biomicroneedling:first by stimulating the division of basal mother cells, to promote the rapid growth of new epidermal cells, only to make the stratum corneum renewed.


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