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Sponge spicule is as the application of physical skin penetrating agent

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Technical field

The present invention relates to sponge spicule, especially relate to sponge spicule as physical skin penetrating agent, increase medicine and active component The application of percutaneous absorbtion.

Background technology

Skin is the organ that human body is maximum, is also the most direct route of administration.At field of medicaments, percutaneous drug delivery is given relative to other A lot of unique advantage is had, including avoiding first pass effect, directly acting on local patholoic change position, sustained-release administration also for medicine approach And drug releasing rate is controlled, the compliance of patient is good.Percutaneous drug delivery is the most most challenged in noninvasive route of administration Property, is most hopeful to substitute drug administration by injection and ingredient is sent to lesion portion.On the other hand, at medical cosmetology field, skin Skin always mankind protection and the object beautified.With advancing age, skin can engender dry, obscure, old and feeble, color The problems such as speckle, resist the modal method of these problems and are through applying skin care item at skin surface, wherein have special role Active ingredients can make after skin absorption skin beauty water profit glossy, wrinkle reduce, mottle desalination etc..Therefore, medicine and The research of active component percutaneous absorbtion is the most extensive with application.

But, the essence of skin is exactly a kind of membranes barriers, in order to keep out extraneous pathogen, and such as antibacterial, virus or outward The invasion of source property sensitinogen.The nonpolar little molecule of general only only a few (molecular weight < 500Da) skin can be passed through passively Barrier.Therefore, medicines different for various physicochemical properties or active substance, especially (molecular weight is extremely for biopharmaceutical macromolecular drug Rare~104Da ,~105Da even~the polysaccharide of 106Da, polypeptide, protein, enzyme, nucleic acid etc.) be transported to skin The diseased region of deep layer is extremely challenging, is also Research Challenges and the emphasis in percutaneous drug delivery field.At present, medicine warp is promoted The method that skin absorbs is roughly divided into chemical method and physical method.Chemical method includes using transdermal penetration enhancer, nano-carrier technology (such as liposome, microemulsion, polymer nano-particle, micelle, quantum dot, Jenner's grain of rice) etc..Due to chemical enhancement method pair The mechanism of biomacromolecule is notable not, and a lot of chemical enhancers and nano-granular system are because self internal metabolism is with thin The problem of cellular toxicity so that application and the industrialization of chemical enhancement method are very restricted.On the other hand, physical enhancement skill Art includes iontophoresis, ultrasonic delivery method, electroporation and micropin method etc..Wherein a lot of physical enhancement obvious technical effects, But the requirement to instrument and equipment is high, the most portable, design and production cost are high, and are only used for the percutaneous drug delivery of little area, The most also greatly limit its application.Micropin is administered, and is the new-type physical enhancement of one and the treatment means of rising in recent years.It Principle is to form a large amount of micron-sized duct on skin, and the degree of depth, up to epidermal area, even arrives skin corium, for medicine or cosmetics The absorption of active component provides the most effective approach, thus improves the effect of Drug therapy and beautifying.In theory, The character such as molecular size range, polarity does not interferes with the duct that transdermal composition is formed by micropin.When skin uses micropin, one As will not injure nervous tissue and blood capillary, human body will not produce the pain sensation, and the aperture formed the most just can spontaneous recovery, no Skin injury can be produced.

The manufacture method of micropin is the most ripe, but the selection of micropin material is a problem all the time.Polymer micro needle mechanical strength is not Enough, it is difficult to penetrate fine and close horny layer;Monocrystal silicon micropin fragility is high, and cost is the highest and safety needs to be investigated;Although metal material Safer, but it is used for making micropin except complex process, the most also there is the problem that cost is high.

Sponge spicule is the interior siliceous or calcareous fibrous material playing skeleton function of spongy body, has the types such as single shaft, three axles, multiaxis. Research to sponge spicule at present focuses mostly at sponge spicule nanostructured, optical characteristics, growth mechanism and regulation and control, bionics etc. Aspect, and the effect of the class micropin of sponge spicule, i.e. as physical skin penetrating agent, thus increase medicine and active component percutaneous The application absorbed not yet is fully developed.

Summary of the invention

It is an object of the invention to provide the sponge spicule application as physical skin penetrating agent.

Another object of the present invention is to provide the application of sponge spicule physical skin penetrating agent compositions.

Described physical skin penetrating agent includes dermal drug physical enhancement agent and skin protection cosmetics physical enhancement agent etc..

Use sponge spicule as follows as one of using method of physical skin penetrating agent:

Sponge spicule can be applied directly to the skin after cleaning.

Use two as follows as the using method of physical skin penetrating agent of sponge spicule:

In sponge spicule, add phosphate buffer, make the mass concentration of sponge spicule reach 10~100mg/mL, obtain spongy bone Pin solution.

Described phosphate buffer can use molar concentration be 0.05M, pH be the phosphate buffer of 7.4.

Described sponge spicule physical skin penetrating agent compositions includes sponge spicule pharmaceutical preparations composition and sponge spicule cosmetics system Agent compositions etc..

Described sponge spicule physical skin penetrating agent compositions can be applied directly on the skin after cleaning, and described directly smearing can be adopted With finger or by other instruments (such as electric massage instrument) massaging skin, moment opens keratodermatitis passage, then can be with raw Reason saline or clean water massage position, wash away residual sponge spicule.

The using method of described skin protection cosmetics physical enhancement agent is as follows:

Sponge spicule is directly smeared on skin after the cleaning, massage with finger or by other instruments (such as electric massage instrument) Skin, moment opens keratodermatitis passage, then can massage position by normal saline or clean water, wash away residual spongy bone Pin, then cosmetics essence or other preparations are applied on the skin after sponge spicule processes, increase the percutaneous of its active component Absorb.

Adjust the massage time as required, as bigger in component molecules amount to be absorbed, it is more difficult to absorb, can the proper extension massage time. Then can massage position by normal saline or clean water, wash away residual sponge spicule.And the after-applied medicine treating transdermal or activity Composition, is allowed to be evenly distributed on the skin massaged.Used the skin of sponge spicule owing to surface is formed a large amount of passages, relatively For fragility, need to carry out moisturizing, the protection work such as sun-proof.Skin Cell can accelerate propagation growth under sponge spicule stimulates, carefully Born of the same parents substitute, and surface horny layer is sloughed off, and collagen protein synthesis secretion increases, and skin is substantially improved.

Sponge spicule as physical skin penetrating agent, is overcome keratodermatitis barrier by the present invention, promote medicine, vaccine and The percutaneous absorbtion of cosmetic active ingredient, feeds them into skin layers or enters whole body through capillary of skin/lymphatic absorption Blood circulation, can be used for dermal topical application or Formulations for systemic administration it can also be used in skin protection cosmetics, increase medicine and active component Percutaneous absorbtion.

Accompanying drawing explanation

Fig. 1 is sponge spicule aspect graph under the microscope;

Fig. 2 is the experimental result picture (including Corii Sus domestica, the white light of tissue slice and fluorogram) of embodiment 1 experimental group;

Fig. 3 is the experimental result picture of embodiment 1 matched group;

Fig. 4 is embodiment 1 ANTS-Fucoidan distribution histogram in skin;

Fig. 5 is the experimental result picture of embodiment 2 experimental group;

Fig. 6 is the experimental result picture of embodiment 2 matched group;

Fig. 7 is FITC-Dextran distribution histogram in skin in embodiment 2.

Detailed description of the invention

The present invention provides a kind of novel promotion medicine and the physical skin penetrating agent product of active component Transdermal absorption and using method, It will be available for beauty treatment fields and medical domain application future, and will develop significantly more efficient transdermal methods and transdermal system, promote industry development. In the present invention, the above summary of the invention and the operation of the following stated specific embodiment are for more effectively illustrating the present invention, But it is understood that the content that the present invention is not limited to this listed by place, term used and embodiment are not limitation of the invention.

The present invention and application thereof is specifically described below by two embodiments.

Embodiment 1: take fresh porcine skin and intercept the disk of a diameter of 40mm, remove subcutaneus adipose tissue, Pilus Sus domestica is shaved to being no longer than 2mm.Corii Sus domestica clear water is rinsed well, is arranged on transdermal device, remove the bubble between buffer in Corii Sus domestica and reception tank.? It is administered pond (diameter 15mm) and adds 1mL buffer, test Corii Sus domestica conductivity with waveform generator and circuit tester, apply 100mV, 100Hz alternating current, if by the electric current of Corii Sus domestica less than 5 μ A, then explanation keratodermatitis barrier function is intact, may be used for reality Test.Sucking buffer, add the 100 μ L phosphate buffer containing 10mg sponge spicule in being administered pond, matched group is not for add Add the phosphate buffer of sponge spicule.By mini massage machine or manual massage, massage medicine-feeding part 2min, make sponge Spicule can pierce Corii Sus domestica, produce aperture.After having massaged, buffer or this area skin of clean water, remove residual sponge Spicule, then test Corii Sus domestica now electrical conductivity in aforementioned manners, find that the electric current passed through increases to 100 μ about A.Remove buffer, Add the 150 μ L solution containing 1.5mg ANTS-fucoidin (mean molecule quantity is 30000), make liquid uniform spreading at spongy bone The skin that pin was massaged.Then whole device is put in the transdermal pond being loaded with 37 DEG C of circulating waters, put into micro-simultaneously in reception tank Type magnetic stir bar, rotates with the speed of 600r/min.After transdermal 16h, by buffer solution for cleaning five times, take off Corii Sus domestica.Use Two kinds of method detection sponge spicules promote saturating effect.(1) the medicine-feeding part punching pin at skin cuts the piece of tissue of a diameter of 5mm, Freeze rapidly in freezing embedding medium.Freezing microtome is cut into, by wrapping organized embedded block, the thin slice that thickness is 20 μm, uses Neutral gum mounting.Using confocal microscopy, and be not added with sponge spicule, the matched group being administered after massage is compared, and adds sea The many sponge spicules of residual in the tissue slice horny layer side skin of the experimental group of continuous spicule massage, have reaches corium the most Layer depth, horny layer, epidermal area and skin corium all can be observed obvious fluorescence simultaneously, illustrate on skin plus sponge spicule Massage, sponge spicule thrusts skin, can form countless passage aisle on skin, promotes ANTS-fucoidin and passes through horny layer, Enter epidermis and dermal tissue.(2) after taking off Corii Sus domestica, with punching pin, the skin of medicine-feeding part is cut, use adhesive tape stripping means to depend on Secondary peeling 10 layers of horny layer, scrape underlying epidermis layer, shred skin corium, packet is soaked in 4mL phosphate buffer-methanol (volume ratio It is 1: 1), the mode of room temperature 200r/min extracts ground floor horny layer, the second to five layers of horny layer, the six to ten layer of angle respectively ANTS-fucoidin in matter layer, epidermal area and skin corium.The long microplate reader of all-wave reads ANTS fluorescent value in soak, right Sighting target directrix curve draws the content of ANTS-fucoidin in each layer skin histology.Result shows, compared with matched group, and experimental group In addition to horny layer, in epidermal area and skin corium, ANTS-fucoidin content has 2 times, the lifting of 33 times respectively.The most also test ANTS-fucoidin content in acceptance pool, in experimental group, content is 6.6 times of matched group.By calculating, experimental group is saturating The ANTS-fucoidin total amount crossing horny layer entrance skin and acceptance pool is 4.9 times of matched group.

Sponge spicule aspect graph under the microscope sees Fig. 1;The experimental result picture of embodiment 1 experimental group (includes Corii Sus domestica, tissue The white light of section and fluorogram) see Fig. 2;The experimental result picture of embodiment 1 matched group sees Fig. 3;Embodiment 1 ANTS-Fucoidan distribution histogram in skin sees Fig. 4.

Embodiment 2: process Corii Sus domestica in the same manner as in Example 1, after detecting electrical conductivity, removes buffer, adds 150 μ L containing 1.5mg FITC-glucosan (mean molecule quantity is 10000) and the solution of 10mg sponge spicule, matched group is not added with sponge spicule, by fan Your massage machine or manual massage, massages 2min.Put into transdermal pond transdermal 16h.The most qualitative by same two kinds of methods and The transit dose of detection by quantitative FITC-glucosan.Copolymerization Jiao's microscopic findings is similar to Example 1, and sponge spicule can be at skin The countless micropore of upper formation, and the fluorescence intensity of the horny layer of experimental group skin, epidermal area and skin corium is apparently higher than matched group.Fixed Amount result shows, the FITC-glucosan entering epidermal area in experimental group is 17.3 times of matched group, enters the FITC-of skin corium Glucosan is total to the 4.25% of amount, and in matched group skin corium, content is almost nil, illustrates to be administered sponge spicule massage simultaneously The absorption of effective ingredient can be promoted equally, and effect is notable.

The experimental result picture of embodiment 2 experimental group sees Fig. 5;The experimental result picture of embodiment 2 matched group sees Fig. 6;Embodiment In 2, FITC-Dextran distribution histogram in skin sees Fig. 7.

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