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Sponge Bone Needle is a skin physical penetration enhancer

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Sponge Bone Needle is a skin physical penetration enhancer. The promoter composition containing sponge bone needles can be applied directly to clean skin, and is able to overcome the skin's stratum corneum barrier and promote the transdermal absorption of the active ingredients in the cosmetic products and access to all layers of the skin.

The sponge bone needles penetrate the stratum corneum and epidermis to initiate microcirculation of the epidermal skin than allows the aging stratum corneum to peel off naturally for a #natural, easy and effective physical peel. It opens your skin channels, penetrates deeply into the bottom layer of the skin, and then stimulates the skin cells to be active and accelerates the skin metabolism through the micro-needle effect.

As a freshwater sponge adapted to the survival environment and the natural evolution of biological needles, very fine, powder or gel, the naked eye can not see the needle, its essence is an extremely small needle-like bone, the tip of the needle can be tied into the skin pores, so it is also known as sponge bone needle.

Unlike traditional microneedles, it is not a real form of needle. So using it does not leave scars on the skin, does not cause severe pain, and there is no risk of infection. It is a safer form of microneedling.

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