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DR. SPICULE's main ingredient is bio-microneedles, with a high level of extraction technology and the bio-microneedles purity of over 99%. Targeted for different skin problems, five products with different effects are available, respectively :

DR. SPICULE Acne Solutions System:For oily and combination skin used to acne removal, fades acne marks,improve acne skin, coarse pores, adjust water-oil equilibrium.

DR. SPICULE Firming Revitalizing System for all skin types in the 25 to 45 age group, use to repair and maintain stability, strengthen the skin barrier, plump the skin epidermis, reduce fine lines, prevent facial sagging and sagging, resist oxidation and delay aging.

DR. SPICULE Anti-Aging System: for all skin types in the 25 to 45 age group use to repairing the skin's foundation, reducing wrinkles, firming and moisturizing, smoothing dry lines, reshaping contours, enhancing cellular self-healing, accelerating cellular and collagen renewal and increasing skin elasticity.

DR. SPICULE Nourishing Hydrating System for all ages except oily skin use to improves dry and rough skin with deep hydration and long-lasting moisture retention.

DR. SPICULE Anti-Pigmentation & Brightening System for all skin types use to improves dullness, lightens melanin and evens out skin tone

Safe, professional and long-lasting help for all skin problems.

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