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Principle of Biomicroneedling

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Sponge microneedles are one of the simplest multicellular organisms that grow in marine or freshwater environments, and are powdery to the naked eye, and under the microscope, they are spiky rod-shaped crystalline bone needles and blunt bone needles. These needle-like crystals are good adsorbents of impurities, which can not only destroy the protein structure of microorganisms or viruses, but also adsorb impurities or precipitated pigments in the solution by the negative ionic charge they carry.

As a freshwater sponge in order to adapt to the survival of the environment and the natural evolution of biological needles, very tiny, powder or gel, the naked eye can not see the needle, the essence of this is an extremely small needle-like bone, the tip of the needle can be tied into the skin pores, so it is also known as sponge bone needle. It can open the skin channel directly to the dermis, to help stimulate - activate the skin microcirculation, relieve the skin pores clogged, while accelerating the skin metabolism, accelerate the aging of the natural exfoliation of the stratum corneum, the skin renewal cycle from 28 days to shorten to 7 days.


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