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How to deal with oiliness skin?

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What can you do about frequent oiliness of the skin and enlarged pores?

First, cleansing: Cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt. Choose cleansers that do not contain harsh ingredients to avoid over-cleansing that can lead to dry skin.

Choose products with oil-control properties for skin care, which can help shrink pores and control skin oil secretion. Products that contain astringents such as plant extracts and tea tree oil are good choices.

For example, 

SALICYLIC ACID:Effectively dissolves old keratin build-up

in the pores and unclogs them, thus

blocking the formation of acne.


For oily acne-prone skin, DR. SPICULE specializes in a microneedling therapeutic set—DR. SPICULE Acne Solutions System

A combination of home and professional lines.

In order to more efficiently deliver effective ingredients straight to the base, sponge microneedles are added into the acne-clearing cream, opening millions of tiny channels in a minute. Stimulating the division of basal mother cells, not just surface peeling, but real skin resurfacing.

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