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How to brighten your skin?

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If you want to improve the dullness of the skin, only a simple hydration products can not achieve the effect, so daily we should pay attention to the purchase of skin care products to choose whitening blemish removal function of the product, in order to improve the dull aging skin. Adequate and timely for the skin to replenish water, and then with the use of whitening skin care products, long-term persistence, in order to brighten the complexion, so that the skin looks more lustrous.

Do a good job of cleaning the skin, regular exfoliation

Skin cleaning is directly related to the maintenance of the skin, if the cleaning is not thorough enough, then hydration and whitening is equal to do useless, waste of effort. Therefore, every day to insist on removing makeup, wash your face carefully before going to bed, and regularly exfoliate your skin. In fact, many skin dullness is caused by the accumulation of aging keratin on the face, which has been aging keratin will make the skin look very rough and dull. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the cleansing of aging keratin.

Sun Protection

Sun spots are spots that appear after frequent exposure to the sun, mainly on the face, because the face is an exposed area, our hands and neck can also appear sun spots, which is related to the damage of ultraviolet rays on the skin. After ultraviolet rays irradiate the skin, the keratinocytes, the outermost layer of the skin, will be damaged, and after the keratinocytes are damaged, the metabolism in all aspects will be slowed down, and the metabolism of the pigment particles will also be slowed down.

After the keratinocytes are damaged, the metabolism of all aspects will be slowed down, and the metabolism of the pigment particles will also be slowed down, so the patches that are visible to the naked eye, also called sun spots, appear. -Generally, after sun exposure, the patient will feel very red on the face, especially on the cheekbones and other elevated parts, which will be more obvious and form red spots. Redness appears after sunburn, and then slowly and naturally fades after redness, and after several processes are repeated, the skin damage cannot be fully protected, and sun spots appear in this case.

Therefore, no matter when and where, must do a good job of sun protection, try to avoid the skin long exposure to the sun. Especially in summer, not only to apply sunscreen skin care products, but also should wear a good sun hat, sunglasses, the use of umbrellas, for the skin to do a good job of adequate protection.

What are the active ingredients that brighten the complexion?


Accelerates the metabolism of skin cells, promotes circulation in the stratum corneum, has a certain antioxidant effect and maintains skin elasticity. Whitening and blemish removal, it can stop the transfer of melanin to the keratinocytes. Repairs the stratum corneum and

strengthens the skin's own defences


It inhibits melanin formation, avoids pigmentation and reduces the damage caused by UV rays to the skin, and can achieve anti inflammatory whitening and blemish lightening

effects. It can also accelerate collagen synthesis, making the skin more hydrated and fuller. Anti inflammatory and antiseptic, inhibiting the development of inflammation.


Inhibits melanin synthesis, reduces pigmentation and improves dull skin.


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