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Causes of pigmentation formation

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Causes of pigmentation formation:

Ultraviolet rays: Melanocytes in the epidermis can absorb ultraviolet rays and defend the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet rays, which is the main barrier of the skin. When the skin is exposed to too much and too strong #ultraviolet radiation, melanocytes will accelerate the production of melanin particles, and long-term exposure to the sun will increase the accumulation of melanin particles, thus forming color spots on the face.

Endocrine disorders: abnormal metabolism will stimulate pigment cells to secrete more melanin.

Inflammation and infection: When there is a wound on the surface of the skin, a large amount of inflammatory factors will be released. Inflammatory factors will lead to a large secretion of melanin, which will leave pigmentation and dark spots.

Six elements of whitening and spot reduction

I.Block signaling

II.Inhibit melanin production

III.Inhibit the transmission of melanosomes

IV.Accelerates keratin metabolism

V. Anti-inflammatory


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