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Biomicroneedling does not need for specialized instrumentation, no complicated manipulation techniques, and no anesthesia

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Traditional microneedling is an invasive program that is known to cause damage to the skin.The skin can bleed slightly as a result of these injuries, and redness, bruising, redness and swelling may occur after the procedure. All these are directly related to the doctor's operation technique. Wrong injection level, dosage, component ratio, etc., all of these will lead to the above-mentioned side effects, which will take some time to recover, or need to go to the hospital for treatment in order to be repaired, in mild cases.

As a freshwater sponge to adapt to the survival of the environment and the natural evolution of biological needles, very small, powder or gel, the naked eye can not see the needle, its essence is an extremely fine needle-like bone, the tip of the needle can be tied into the skin pores, so it is also known as the sponge bone needle.

Biomicroneedling is not like the traditional microneedle, it is not a needle in real form. So using it doesn't leave a scar on the skin, doesn't use intense pain, and there is no risk of infection.


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