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The amazing brand DR. SPICULE

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Official registration: EU-CPNP, UK-SCNP, US-FDA, VCRP registration.

All-round certification: CPSR, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001.

Authority testing: proven efficacy by international SGS.

DR. SPICULE, as the world's oldest sponge micro-needle application company with the most R&D talents, we know the value of each micro-needle and the purity and integrity of the sponge micro-needles we refine is famous in the world.

For different types of skin problems, DR. SPICULE has launched five biomicroneedling therapy kits to precisely control skin problems and create tailor-made skin treatment solutions for clients in need.

For anti-aging, DR.SPICULE has launched firming revitalizing and anti-aging treatment kits for the 30-45 age group and for the 45-70 age group respectively. DR. SPICULE has selected micro-needles of 200-250um in length for the 30-45 age group and 250-300um for the anti-aging group.

DR. SPICULE has a comprehensive agent support policy: we have prepared a wide range of gifts, marketing and training materials for our agents, so that they can easily obtain more customer resources.

DR. SPICULE uses pure and intact biomicroneedles, which can stay in the skin for up to 72 hours, promoting microcirculation in the skin and providing continuous access to millions of active ingredients.

As a professional brand, DR.SPICULE is not only effective, but also long-lasting. Unlike others, each kit comes with a 7-day daily treatment serum for clients after each treatment, "treatment + consolidation", 7 times longer with one treatment, so that the effect is "last on your face".

We also provide agents with preferential policies, professional technical service support, pre-sales and after-sales service as well as training support; SEO and KOL promotion marketing, exhibition support and promotion .....

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